👋 Hi I'm Jeffrey Dinackus, a Developer and Sysadmin. |

About me

What I do/am:

Sysadmin @ Technica 📂

Christian, and willing to share with you 🙏

Freelance Web/Cloud Developer, Connect on LinkedIn 🗻

CS Student, Former Cloud/IT Student 💾

Frequent Hackathon Attendee 💻

Things I am interested in:

Front End Web Development, Full Stack Web Development, The Cloud, App Development ⛵️

Databases 🗂️

The Cloud ☁️

Web Design 🏄🏻‍♂️

Looking for the free documents? See https://mirror.jeffreydinackus.com

Things I Code with:


React Javascript Bulma CSS html css bootstrap


Amazon Google Cloud Docker mysql Twilio Python Ubuntu debian Powershell Ruby Azure mongodb flask

Connect with me:

I am always looking to connect to interesting people and hiring managers. Please do not hesitate to connect with me!

Linkedin Github

Some of my Certifications:

CompTIA Certifications

AWS Certifications

Microsoft Certifications

Networking Certifications

Projects on